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We are a vet in Thetford, Norfolk. We service the whole County of Norfolk. If you have an out-of-hours emergency, please use our 24-hour phone line.

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Vet In Thetford

Services We Offer

Our Vets in Thetford offer a wide range of services for all domestic pet animals, tropical species and even equine. We offer farmland call-outs and enquiries.

Equine Services

Equine veterinary services provide comprehensive healthcare for horses, offering a range of specialized medical care, diagnostics, treatments, and preventative services.

Thetford Vet Examinations

Veterinary examinations are tailored to the individual needs of the animal and serve as a proactive approach to maintaining optimal health, preventing disease, and addressing any health concerns in a timely manner. 

veterinary Surgery

From routine spaying and neutering to complex orthopedic surgeries, Our vets in thetford have surgeons experienced with advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients.

Emergency Vet Care

Emergency veterinary care provides urgent medical attention for pets experiencing sudden illnesses, injuries, or life-threatening conditions outside of regular business hours.


Offering a range of tests and procedures used by veterinarians to diagnose and evaluate the health of animals. These diagnostics play a crucial role in identifying underlying medical conditions, assessing the severity of illnesses, and determining appropriate treatment plans.

pet insurance

The vets in Thetford Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive pet insurance coverage tailored to meet the diverse needs of pet owners. With our insurance plans, pet owners have peace of mind against unexpected medical expenses, including accidents, illnesses, and emergency veterinary care.

Thetford Vet Visitors

From Our Visitors

We couldn’t be happier with the exceptional care Toby received from the vets in thetford! From routine check-ups to emergency treatments, the staff went above and beyond to ensure Toby’s health and happiness. Thanks to their expertise and compassion, Toby is healthy and happy, and we’re grateful to have such dedicated professionals by our side.

Dean - Thetford

Poppy received top-notch care at Thetford Vets! The team was dedication to her well-being was evident from the moment we stepped through the door. Their kindness, and experience! They addressed Poppy’s health concerns but also provided valuable advice for her long-term health. Thanks to the Thetford vet clinic, Poppy is back to her playful self, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Gemma - Norfolk

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