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As an avid animal advocate, I am deeply honored to have remained in Parliament today, foregoing my usual constituency duties, to champion the passing of further Animal Welfare legislation. Specifically, our focus is on ending the importation of cats and dogs under egregiously cruel circumstances.

Our efforts entail prohibiting the import of heavily pregnant dogs and cats, who endure immense suffering during long and inhumane journeys. Additionally, we are putting an end to the importation of mutilated dogs, including those subjected to painful ear cropping, as well as banning the importation of declawed cats. It is undeniably cruel to strip cats of their claws, depriving them of their natural instinct to scratch.

In North Norfolk, our love for animals runs deep. I remain steadfast in my commitment to advocating for improved animal welfare, amplifying the voices of constituents who have reached out to me on this matter. And, of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to honor our beloved rescue cat, Clapton, who holds a special place in our hearts.