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Our dedicated team of experienced veterinarians and support staff are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care tailored to the individual needs of your beloved pets.

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Frequently Asked

Could we come in?

You will need to contact us first, either via Email or the phone number at the top of each page or blog post. Since Covid, we have taken the option to minimise contact with other people and animals. It also reduces the risks of unbehaved dogs been set off.

Do you cover the whole of Norfolk?

We are delighted to say we do cover the whole county of Norfolk. For the main areas we cover, see the “Areas Covered” section on the main menu.

Do you offer Pet plans?

We offer a couple of pet plans. We have different plans for different needs, it will depends on what’s required and the level of cover you would like. Pop us an Email or give us a call and we will discuss this further with you.

Do you offer call-outs?

Absolutely! If you feel you can not come into the clinic, we will come out to you. Whether it is for an Emergency, Equine or farming livestock, we have you covered. Pop us an Email or a quick call and one of our Veterinarians will book at time slow with you.

How long does a response take?

On average, within 30 minutes. However, if we are very busy we will pickup your Email or Call within the hour.

Do you cover Bereavement?

It’s always sad to see our pets go, especially when they’ve been with us for so many years. We do offer bereavement services, we offer Euthanasia and organise pet cremations.

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